Adam Bakalarz was born in 1989 in Tychy (Poland) where he graduated graphics from the Art Department at the Pedagogical University in Cracow, Poland. Nowadays, he focuses on painting and graphic design. He finds inspirations to his works from the observation of a human body, its movement and transformations.

He analyses this movement as a sequence of a single frame. The play with a form, the effacement of the body shape readbility and its physical boarders fascinate him. The artist’s imagination is also stimulated by the colours and factures of beloved old metal as well as the sculptures and graphics of Eduardo Chillida or composition of Picasso’s “Three women”. However, for Bakalarz the main spur to take action is photography.

The artist presents very technical attitude. He does not like any streaks or blemishes. During the artistic activity he makes use of drawing and models formed in grey play dough. He also makes use of other materials such as sand or wool in order to create the diverse structures of forms. The final effect of his work is the corporality transformed into a sculptural form. It is the infusion of space and figures that defeat the muscle limits and the forces of gravity. It is a deformation which directs to the reality in the perception of a performed activity.
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