Since 1996 Bartlomiej has been related to the graffiti and then Polish street art scene. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Painting at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun, Poland. Since 2008 he has lived and worked as a teacher of drawing and painting.

His works are a combination of graffiti, high art and youth culture, modernism and skateboarding. They are based on geometric groupings and rectangular forms with reference to the futuristic architectural design. The apparent slickness of Swiatecki’s works is often at odd with the crumbling surroundings where the works are placed in.

The visual language used in these pieces of art gives
a glimpse into a brave new world of graffiti and fine art.
It is a world in which the graffiti artists are as happy to quote from De Stijl as they were Wu Tang.
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