Maksymilian Novak-Zemplinki was born in 1974 in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated with Cum Laude honors from the European Academy of Art (Warsaw, Poland) in 1999.

Artist’s thoughts: “In my own work the form is the most important element. When I create a painting, I mainly focus on this first layer. I see abstraction in the forms when observe most of pieces of art, even when a painting is greatly representational. The ‘meaning’ of my work is often not obvious and can be just as mysterious for me as well as for an observer. I believe the effect is much better when a painting is not calculated from A to Z. There has to be an accident in painting — the painting lives its own life and should surprise its creator. There are the things that make the piece of art enjoyable to create. There is no denying of the possibility that I unintentionally create a kind of a recorded meaning in my paintings, but I believe that majority of artists do so. In the end, I usually create under the influence of great emotions, therefore, accidentality occurs more frequently and is immediately perceivable. I feel somewhat like the one who has lost his or her memory and tries to bring back the old recollections from the past through painting. It is an incredible feeling.”
— M. Novak–Zemplinski 2007.
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