Sylwester Ambroziak was born in 1964 in Łowicz (Poland). He studied on the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Artsin Warsaw (Poland). His works were presented on over 70 solo exhibitions and over 120 group exhibitions in Poland and all around the world. He received the scholarships from, inter alia, Notoro Foundation and the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsk, Culture Foundation and Kulczyk Foundation. He was also nominated to receive „Paszporty Polityki” prize in 1994, 1999 and 2008. Ambroziak is an artist who specialises in carving, drawing but also installations and experimental animated films. The figures of Ambroziak are mostly sizeable and made of wood, however, currently he also uses silicone and resin.

He debuted several times as a student by presenting his performances and sculptures in Dziekanka Gallery and in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His works are associated with New Expression in „Young Art”. The further artistic activity of Ambroziak bases on the expressionistic ways of presentation such as simplicity, brutality of forms, rescaled proportions and contrast polychromy. The significant influence on his creativity had primitive, archaic and folk art including characteristic formal features of the figures and African masks. Ambrosia equals the current role of a creator to the activities of shamans who were at the same time artists, priests and healers. He willingly deals with antique motifs and topics, although, he presented them in the non-classical form. Another favourite motifs for the artist are those related to the biblical and Christian topics that interpretation, beginning from the drastic diploma, are far away from formulaic canon and doctrine.

Ambroziak’s activities were meaningfully affected by the political situation in Poland in ‚80s and prevalent role of Catholicism in Polish society. On the other hand, the artist reacts on the contemporary mass culture (i.e. comic-books, cartoons and science fiction movies) and aggressive media coverage. The figure of a doll is a form of confrontation between unlimited child’s imagination with unremitting struggling of brutal reality. The grotesque deformed, rescaled and undressed silhouettes of Ambroziak’s sculptures become almost provocatively ugly. The artist calls them „Minotaurs” or „Dollies” – the humanoid figures with anonymous faces that simultaneously bear witness and confront our contemporary times.