Pree Release

Through the forth wall. Witkacy's drama on the canvas.
With the co-operation of the Foudation Witkacy's Institute, was organised in oficyna art&design in Warsaw as the first in the history opening of works inspired by Witkacy's dramas. The casework of the exhibition was in hand of the prominent expert of Witkacy's life and work – Stefan Orłowicz. Marcin Steczkowski and Krzysztof Mika were responsible for the music and the conteplantion of the work brightened the voice of an actor – Filip Bobek who read stage directions. Among the paintings of young artists we could have seen Wojciech Brewka's painting, which was an interpretation of Witkacy's "Szewcy". The task was to capture the imagination world of Witkacy by the usage of any technique and various points of view.

The accompanying events were the movie projection of Klaudiusz Wesołowski entitled "Monsters" and live-painting made by noted illustrator and designer of scenic costiums – Rafał Zawistowski. The works can be seen till 5th January 2016 in oficyna art&design in Warsaw, al. Jerozolimskie 107.